We offer several wildlife biology courses for undergraduate and graduate students - often in collaboration with other research groups at the University of Göttingen. All courses emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork and quantitative (spatial) science for successful conservation and management of wildlife.

(Students: Please log on to UniVZ or  stud.ip to sign up for these classes and to access course materials.)

Undergraduate courses

  • Wildlife Biology & Management (Fall semesters)
  • Quantitative Methods in Wildlife Research (Spring semesters)
  • Biotic Interactions in Ecology (Fall semesters)
  • Interdisciplinary Seminar on Ecological Connectivity (Spring semesters)
  • Applied Wildlife Biology (Spring and Fall semesters, varying topics)

Graduate courses

  • Wildlife Management (Fall semesters)
  • Wildlife & Forestry (Fall semesters)
  • Student Project in Forest Conservation and Ecology (Fall semesters)
  • Research Internship (Spring & Fall semesters, varying topics)


Niko Balkenhol recently gave a short workshop on “Molecular approaches for understanding road effects” at the IENE 2012 International Conference (http://www.iene-conferences.info/) held from Oct. 21-24, 2012 in Potsdam, Germany.

Please check the SPAMWELL website regularly for future workshops on landscape genetics, habitat analysis, population modeling, and R programming.

Future Plans

Over the next few years, we plan to further extend the wildlife curriculum in Göttingen by offering courses on spatial wildlife ecology (using R), landscape ecology, conservation & landscape genetics, a seminar on wildlife habitat analysis, and a field course on ‘quantitative wildlife research’ in Namibia.